Idea molto molto bella!!!

Idea molto molto bella!!!

Idea molto molto bella!!!

Originally shared by Brian Holland

Gregory Daily and others (who I cant tag because their names don’t come up on the stupid list even though I type it in exactly: Chris Stone-Bush, Peter J, Andrea Serafini):

This is something I worked up with several of the idea that were being talked about. A deck would be separated into 3 stacks: STR/DEX, CON/INT, and WIS/CHA. Each player would be dealt 1 card from each stack and can choose 1 card to discard, drawing a new card from the same stack.

The card has a damage die modifier (default is d6, and the die symbol on the card will have an up or down arrow, or a dash meaning no change).

Also, an HP modifier is included. Maybe base 16 or something, then each card modifies that total.

Move name and move appropriate to the category it’s drawn from.

The bottom of the card has your modifiers (in this case STR + 2 and DEX + 0, but Called Shot would probably have STR + 0 and DEX + 2).

There’s also a bond on each card, and you get to pick one bond and one player to apply that too.

This setup gives you 3 moves, all six stats, 1 bond, your damage die and HP. Additional thoughts include text along a side edge giving your starting equipment.


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