Adventures on Dungeon Planet?

Adventures on Dungeon Planet?

Adventures on Dungeon Planet?

Originally shared by Gary Anastasio

The Tomorrow League : Fate Core 1950’s Sci-Fi

Here is the premise of our new 1950 Sci-Fi game for Fate. I posted a character sheet that one of my very artistic players created in another post. We are all pretty excited about this game.

Premise: Your characters are part of the secret 1950’s space program known as the Tomorrow League. You’re an elite team of two-fisted scientists, explorers, pilots and adventurers who have been brought together to explore outer space and investigate the mysteries of the solar system. Your small team is known as the Tomorrow Men. It all started back in 1947 in Roswell New Mexico…. Earth discovered that we were not alone. After the Venusian saucer crashed, humanity has been fast tracked to the stars with the help of the surviving Venusians. 

The crashed Venusians have been helpful in providing wondrous technological advances to the Tomorrow League. They also warn Earthlings that outer space is a very dangerous place. The Venusians think by giving Earthlings advanced technology; they are ultimately protecting them from threats from outer space. The primary threat they have warned the League about is the Automen. 

Little do the Earthlings know that the Automen are the least of their worries…


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